• 17 March 2011
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All Rights Reserved

All repro­duc­tion rights of the con­tents of this web­site, the texts and the images, are reserved. These lim­i­ta­tions con­cern the pri­vate copy. Any repro­duc­tion, even par­tial, of the con­tents of this site, has to be the object of a written pre­lim­i­nary autho­riza­tion of the holders of the rights, to be deliv­ered by Association Points-Coeur, and to men­tion its source.

Association Points-Coeur invites the vis­i­tors of this page to indi­cate any inap­pro­priate con­tents or con­tents which do not respect the right to image or honour of the per­sons rep­re­sented in pho­tographs or men­tioned in arti­cles.

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