• 7 avril 2011
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Millenium Development Goals


In September 2000, 189 Heads of State adop­ted the United Nations Millennium Declaration which was then trans­la­ted into a cam­pai­gning pro­gramme which defi­ned the objec­ti­ves to be achie­ved by 2015.

The 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are based on agree­ments rea­ched during pre­vious UN confe­ren­ces held in the 90’s and cor­res­pond to com­mit­ments made by deve­lo­ped as well as deve­lo­ping coun­tries.

The Millennium Goals are a chal­lenge for both deve­lo­ped and deve­lo­ping coun­tries alike. Developing coun­tries have set as an objec­tive poverty and hunger reduc­tion, fight against bad health, gender equa­lity, edu­ca­tion for all, access to drin­king water and pro­tec­tion of the envi­ron­ment. The MDGs also ack­now­ledge the poten­tial contri­bu­tion deve­lo­ped coun­tries can make through trade, aid to deve­lo­ping coun­tries, debt relief, access to medi­cal treat­ments and trans­fer of tech­no­logy.


1 * End Poverty and Hunger

2 * Universal Education

3 * Gender Equality

4 * Reduce Child Mortality

5 * Maternal Health

6 * Combat HIV/AIDS and other disea­ses

7 * Environmental Sustainability

8 * Global Partnership

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