• 27 avril 2011

New intern in the UN Heart’s Home office

Having stu­died the fun­da­men­tals of law at the University of Abomey in Benin, I was soon drawn by human rights. After a diploma of Human Rights and Democracy in the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights of the same uni­ver­sity, I deci­ded to deepen my know­ledge. So, I enrol­led in the Master of the Academy of International Humanitarian Law in Geneva. This last trai­ning allo­wed me to unders­tand the mecha­nisms of adop­tion of inter­na­tio­nal conven­tions in this field.

Convinced of the impor­tant role played by the NGOs in these pro­ces­ses, I am glad of the oppor­tu­nity affor­ded me by Heart’s Home UN to work with it.

In fact, Heart’s Home, offe­ring his friend­ship and com­pas­sion to the poors, calls for res­pect for human rights taken in its enti­rety. It is the­re­fore neces­sary that these requi­re­ments be cons­tantly remin­ded in global deci­sions.

I hope by this intern­ship, drive the files advo­ca­ted by the Association at the UN sho­wing her spe­cial view on human dignity in the conti­nua­tion of the valua­ble work that/ which the pre­vious trai­nees has been made .


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