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Uma in Celine’s arms, India

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Heart’s Home is a catholic orga­ni­za­tion that was founded in 1990 and is now pre­sent in 18 coun­tries, on 4 con­ti­nents.

Since then, more than 1100 people have vol­un­teered with Heart’s Home, in 34 of our “homes”, with the will to serve des­ti­tute people and chil­dren. Heart’s home sprang from the fol­lowing real­iza­tion: “There are chil­dren who no longer smile. There are chil­dren who are alone in the world.[ …]Whenever a child is treated in this way, when­ever a child is caught up in such dreadful sit­u­a­tions, a black cloud appears on our planet, a cloud that brings shame upon the whole of humanity.”

Our vol­un­teers’ first mis­sion is to be con­stantly and fully ded­i­cated to all the people they encounter. They enrol for at least 14 months, and must show gen­uine care/con­cern for the wounds of our friends, including chil­dren. Excluded or aban­doned people, who are lacking affec­tion, will find friends eager to wel­come, sup­port and listen to them.

The “heart’s homes” are little warm shel­ters spread out across the world, and open to any child in need for love, respect and atten­tion.

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