• 17 mars 2011
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Our goals

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Within the UN as well as on the field, we pre­serve the same values, and pursue the same goals :

  • Fighting against isolation and loneliness, which are regarded as the first sources of exclusion (in developed and developing countries). Heart’s Home means to reassert the dignity of every single person, especially in places of the world where weakening social links have thrown people into great loneliness.
  • Permitting the appropriate development of fragile and excluded people through their reintegration into the local community, and by embracing all the aspects of their lives (emotional, physical, educational and more). This entails creating a strong solidarity spirit. Therefore on the field, Heart’s Home constitutes shelters where abandoned children are always are welcome, cared for and educated.
  • Promoting a “culture of compassion”, by systematically adopting a one-on-one approach in all our activities, let they be social, economic, political and artistic.

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