Points-Cœur ONU
Points-Cœur ONU
Side event, Oct. 2009

Our tools

Heart’s Home uses dif­ferent means to enhance the work of Human Rights insti­tu­tions, in the ECOSOC and its offices:

  • Joint statements: they are prepared jointly with partner organizations, and circulated or read out during the sessions of the Human rights council. Their main purpose is to draw the attention of the international leaders on specific issues.
  • Side events: these roundtable sessions are held in parallel of the Human Rights Council sessions. They commonly take place in the Palais des Nations, in between two meetings of the Council.
  • Working groups: NGOs sharing common interests and fields of action gather together in these groups, and meet regularly throughout the year. They act as lobbies towards the Council where they frequently communicate their requests and advice. In general, the groups Heart’s Home belongs to correspond to the standing advocacy issues presented in our website

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