• 1er avril 2011
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16th Session of the Human Rights Council

Human Rights Council Room

During the 16th Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in March 2011, Points-Cœur has com­mit­ted, alone or along­side other NGOs, to sup­por­ting various themes :

  • First, we have reaffirmed our commitment to human rights education and training. We have co-signed a written statement prepared by the CoNGO on human rights education and training.
  • We also have submitted independently a written statement to the HRC. We aim at underlining the importance of informal education with regards to human rights education and wish to value the use of the arts to promote human rights education in particular.

We have also joined three other sta­te­ments in light of the next Council’s ses­sion.

  • First, we have joined a statement prepared by Association Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (APG23) on the prevention of the phenomenon of street children for the annual discussion day on the rights of the child.
  • The second statement deals with the right to education of street children and has been prepared, for this same discussion day, by the International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE). As Heart’s Home’s volunteers engage on a daily basis with children in such situations, these statements are of great importance for us.
  • Finally, we have signed a statement dealing with religious freedom which has jointly been prepared by APG23 and BICE.

Through our various contri­bu­tions to the pre­pa­ra­tion of the Council’s ses­sion, Heart’s Home wishes to conti­nually reaf­firm the unde­nia­ble value and dignity of every indi­vi­dual.

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