Points-Cœur ONU
Points-Cœur ONU

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In order to intro­duce people to the work of Heart’s Home and share our expe­ri­ences, we fre­quently organise activ­i­ties within the United Nations and among civil society.

NGOs, Foundations and enter­prises, which adhere to the objec­tives of our action, can asso­ciate them­selves to such events through a part­ner­ship, which will be dis­played on our com­mu­ni­ca­tion prod­ucts.

So far, we have already been able to receive the sup­port of:

- The Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations for the “Poor and Worthy” exhi­bi­tion pre­sented at the United Nations Palais in Geneva (18-28 June 2007)

  • Various NGOs to sponsor or co-host round-tables organised at the United Nations: Franciscans International, Dominicans For Justice and Peace, International Society for Human Rights, BICE, l’OIDEL, New Humanity, le CCIG, Dominicans For Justice and Peace, le Bureau de solidarité internationale des frères Maristes, IFFD, IPF, OMAEP…
  • Le Centre de l’Espérance (Hope Centre, Geneva) and the Camera Club de Genève for the ciné-conférence (December, 3rd, 2008).
  • Le Festival International du Film pour les droits de l’homme (International Film Festival for Human Rights) for the projection of Dogora which closed the Festival (March, 15th, 2009)

To organise part­ner­ships or to sponsor events linked to your activity, please Contact us

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