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Poor and Worthy

The Itinerant Exhibition “Poor and Worthy”

Displayed for the first time at the Palais des Nations in Geneva from the 18th until the 28th of June 2007, this exhi­bi­tion pre­sents pho­tographs taken by some of Heart’s Home’s vol­un­teers. Most of the people appearing in the pic­tures live in neigh­bour­hoods where Heart’s Home is active. Through the depth of their looks, the ten­der­ness of their smiles, chil­dren and elders do more than simply catching the public’s atten­tion. They touch and ques­tion our deepest selves. They remind us that even in the most dra­matic sit­u­a­tions or despite harsh living con­di­tions, any person’s dig­nity is left untouched.

Since 2007, this exhi­bi­tion has been trav­el­ling world­wide, suc­ces­sively dis­played in:

  • Palais des Nations (United Nations), Geneva: 18-28 June 2007
  • International Centre for a Culture of Compassion, New York, 2007
  • Naples National Library, Italy, Oct. 2007
  • Centre de l’Espérance, Geneva: July 2008
  • Couvents des Dominicains, Paris, September 2008
  • Florimont Institute, Geneva, March 2009
  • Exhibition Centre, Martigny, 20th -21st November 2009 (on the occasion of the anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child)
  • Institut International de Lancy, Grand Lancy, 13th-27th January 2010-12-02
  • HES-SO Sierre, Route de la plaine 2, Sierre (SUI), 23th mai - 2nd july 2011

…and many other loca­tions

Information and Purchase

Are you inter­ested in this exhi­bi­tion? You wish to:

  • know more about it?
  • order photographs?
  • display the exhibition (temporarily and exclusively in public spaces)?

Please con­tact our Geneva office

See below a selec­tion of the pho­tographs from the exhi­bi­tion.

Monica - Madras, Inde Au détour des rues de Kasimode - Madras, Inde (n°1) Regards croisés - Ouzbékistan (n°8) Awa Ndiaye et Séverine - Dakar, Sénégal (n°17) Jour de fête à Kasimode - Inde (n°32) Aymeric et Aliocha - Almaty, Kazakhstan(n°11) Soubash et sa maman - Veyalakkavur, Inde (n°22) Malice complice - Ouzbékistan (n°23) Nagarajan, un mécanicien de Pondichéry - Inde (n°31) Miral et les enfants du quartier - Dakar, Sénégal (n°15) La solitude et la rue - Quito, Equateur (n°4) Carlito, du quartier de la Huerta perdida - Lima, Pérou (n°30)
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