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The story of our accreditation

It was in June 2005 that Heart’s Home was granted spe­cial con­sul­ta­tive status at the UN, after a long-lasting pro­cess.

A quick chronology

  • Feb 2002: opening of a new “Heart’s Home” in Geneva
  • Feb 2004: “Mary”, who is a former UN civil servant, urges catholic NGOs to get involved in International Organizations (during an inter-Church meeting organized by the ‘Département du Réseau d’ouverture au Monde’.
  • 1st June 2004: Heart’s Home submits its application to Mrs Françoise Mandallaz, assistant of the head of NGO liaison office in the Palais des Nations in Geneva.
  • 2005: Association Points-Coeur is officially granted its consultative status. Its office is located in the Heart’s home in Geneva.
  • June 2006: Heart’s Home attends the first session of the Human Rights Council (HRC). From then onwards Heart’s Home has been accredited to all HRC sessions.
  • Sept 2006: Heart’s Home’s first assistant to the permanent representative to the UN is hired, which marks the beginning of our permanent presence at the UN.

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